Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Favourite Bloggers and Youtubers | Elizabeth Gayle

As some of you know, last week I had my tonsils taken out. I cant believe how painful it was! As getting your tonsils taken out is not a big surgery, I was not expecting to be in so much pain.
Oh well, the good side is that I wont be getting tonsillitis again. Apart from scoffing my face with ice cream and jelly, I have been reading so many blogs! beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Also I have discovered new youtubers who I am loving! So I thought I would share with you guys who I have been loving in the blogger and YouTube world.

| Blogs I am loving |

So the first blog I have been loving is called Zeena Xena. The blog is about lifestyle. One thing I love about her blog is her photography and the layout of her blog, such a lovely layout. She is a well known person in the blogging community as she is the founder of blogging gals. I have been reading her blog for a couple of weeks, but recently I have been really getting into it.

Another blog I have been loving is Underland to Wonderland. This blog is another lifestyle kind of blog. If you love Disney, then I am sure you would love this blog as she is a huge Disney lover as well. Her photography is amazing! She shares her photos on her blog where she has visited. It is just amazing! And her dog is the cutest!

Jasmine McRae another blog that I am currently loving. A beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog.. ( my favourite) The reason why I love her blog is because of the layout, so pretty! She keeps you updated and she also puts a lot of effort into her blog.

| Youtubers I am loving |

Asia Jade is one of my favourite youtubers at the moment. She also has a blog called Asia Jade which is amazing, but I have really been getting into her videos recently. I do speak to Asia over on Twitter, she actually helped me set up my blog! Which seems like just the other day. So grateful for her help. Her videos just keep getting better, I am actually watching her January favourites right this minute, if you are reading this Asia, That candle holder is beautiful! She is almost at 200 subscribers which is amazing! So happy for her! You should defiantly check her channel out.

I have been loving HelloApril. Her channel is based around beauty. She seems like such a lovely person and someone to get along with easily. She also has a blog and has recently announced a secret about something.. *Cough* Tesco beauty *cough*. If you want to find out more go check her out!
I am super exited to find out more!

The last youtuber I have recently been loving is beautybyalicee, she is such a beautiful girl and deserves all the subscribers she has and more. Her videos are amazing, very well presented and edited. I think she is going to do very well with her channel.

Make sure to check out all of their blogs and channels by clicking the name of it. All of them are amazing at what they are doing, and over the past few days I have been constantly reading their blogs or watching their channels!

                                                              See you soon!
                                                                Elizabeth x


  1. Oh Elizabeth!!! Thank you so much for including me - its super lovely to know you've been enjoying my blog - it really means a lot to me.
    I hope you're recovering quickly and making the most of the jelly and ice cream! I proper fancy some jelly now haha!


  2. Thank you so much, youve said such lovely things! I'm so glad you like my youtube channel! Xxx