Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Match Perfection VS Lasting Finsh | Elizabeth Gayle

Match perfection and lasting finish are both a very popular foundation in the Rimmel London collection. They are both in the similar price range and also the packaging is quite the same.
Personally I love both of these foundations, but some of my friends disagree with me. Most of them prefer one or the other. I thought that this would be a good blog post if you are wondering if they have any differences. Hope you enjoy.


Match Perfection:

I have repurchased this foundation around seven times. One of my favourite foundations in my collection. I mostly wear this foundation for school or if I am popping out as it is not a heavy texture and gives more of flawless look, which I personally think is amazing for school as I don't really like wearing loads of makeup to school. It's  a thin, runny foundation that spreads evenly and feels quite silky smooth. The pump makes dispensing a lot easier but you need to be careful because it is a very light texture which means you could end up with a load, and you don't want that happening!

The coverage of this foundation is not very good, but it is very buildable. I normally apply this foundation twice onto my face with my fingers as I find that my foundation brush leaves streaks. This could be that the foundation is very light, but most properly caused by my cheap makeup brush haha!
I also apply a powder onto my face to fade the shininess away and to keep my foundation in place for the whole day. The powder I currently use is the 'Stay Matte' by Rimmel London.

I love this foundation, defiantly worth the money. Just a essential foundation to be in your collection when you don't want to go all out with your makeup. I would recommend to go a shade darker than your actual shade, as the shades are lighter than others.

Lasting Finish:

Lasting finish is in the same price range as the match perfection foundation, and basically in the same kind of glass bottle, different colour packaging though. I wear this foundation for weekends or evenings if I am doing something ( which I never do haha! ) The texture of this foundation is very heavy unlike match perfection. The thing I love most about this foundation is as it is a heavy texture, it doesn't cake over your face if you get what I mean? I do have to apply a powder over my face overwhise my face does look quite dewy. I apply my absolute favourite powder which is 'stay matte'
as I said above. Properly the only powder I use.

I apply this foundation with my beauty blender as I find if I am using my fingers, it drags across my face and doesn't blend equally. After applying this foundation onto my face in the morning, I don't need to redo it as it lasts for so long. Good coverage and also has SPF 20 in it, which is always a good thing. This foundation was actually featured in my 2014 favourites which you could read here.
All I can say is - amazing coverage - amazing price. What else can you ask for? I highly recommend!

I personally love both these foundations and I have no doubt in them. I am sure I will be buying these foundation for the next year or so. They are both my favourite foundations.

Match Perfection Foundation - Click here.- £6.99
Lasting Finish Foundation - Click here.-£4.99

Hope you enjoyed todays post, and I hope I have given you a little bit more information about these two products. If you would like to keep up to date with my blog then make sure to go follow me on bloglovin and twitter!

                                              Which foundation do you prefer?
                                                          Elizabeth xox


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