Friday, 6 February 2015

My Top Four Braid Hairstyles | Elizbaeth Gayle.

This post is my first ever post I have done which is about hairstyles. I have always thought about doing a hairstyle post, but I always came to the conclusion that it would be to difficult to demonstrate by pictures. In the end, I have decided that I am going to try and do it. I'd also like to say thank you to my younger sister for me to demonstrate the hairstyles with her hair.

1) Half up half down braid.
You have properly seen everyone wearing this hairstyle recently.
I think it is such a cute hairstyle, basic with a little twist.
All you have to do is brush your hair to make sure you get all those knots and tangles are out.
 Then pull two pieces of hair from the front of your hair.
Gently start platting the hair.
Platting is very basic, all you have to do is divide your hair into three sections.
Then cross the right section over the top of the middle section.
Then repeat. There is many videos on YouTube which could help you out.
After platting your hair, tie it with a hair bubble, then loosen the plait to give it more of a settle look.
3) Ponytail plait
I recently watched one of my favourite youtubers vlog, and saw she was wearing a ponytail plait.
I used to wear my hair like this all the time, and recently seen it is getting slowly back into fashion.
All you have to do is brush your hair up to a ponytail.
tie your hair as if you are keeping it like that.
Then start platting the ponytail tightly down to the bottom, then tie it with another hair bubble. 
Such a basic but cute hairstyle! Perfect if you are running late but still wanting to look the part!
4) Side Plait.
Again, another very basic hairstyle which can change up a look.
I always wear this hairstyle as it is super easy and also super cute.
All you need to do is brush all your hair and get all the knots and tangles out.
Then brush it all the left side of your head.
Start platting your hair down to the end, then tie it with a hair bubble.
That's it! Done!
Normally, I like to loosen my plait as it gives a lot more texture, but that is up to you!
Do you have your hair like this often?
4) Double Plait.
Not going to lie, but this hairstyle is the hardest one out of them all.
I do love this hairstyle so much though!
All you need to do is separate your hair into three sections.
Then plait each one of those sections, but don't tie them! leave them loose!
After plating each three sections, plait all those three sections into one big plait.
Then tie it with a hair bubble!
Hope you guys enjoyed todays post!
Comment down below saying which one is your favourite hairstyle!
Elizabeth x
See you guys soon! x


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  2. I call 'ponytail plaits': 'plony's' - hahaha! They are totally trendy lately :P

    Alice x

    1. Haha! Think I may start calling them plony's for now on! Great name!