Sunday, 31 August 2014

My trip to Devon | Elizabeth Gayle

Hey there!
As most of you all know, I went to Devon the other week with my family. We stayed in a caravan down at Paignton. I thought I would share some pictures and tell you a little bit about my trip!
Hope you enjoy!:)

I had such a lovely trip, It was really nice to just get away from home. We did so much! We went out for a few meals, We went to Paignton Zoo. We went shopping in different towns, We also went on a boat ride which was beautiful as the weather was lovely.

    We went for 7 days, Which wasn't to long or to short, it was the right amount of time.
My dads homemade food- He also has a blog. Link at the bottom

I didn't buy a lot of stuff, which is completely strange for me as I am constantly buying items I don't even need! I did find a cute bath cosmetic shop in Brixham. She was such a lovely lady, and she had such amazing little shop. She also has a website, Which is worth checking. I will leave a link down below.

I did miss my two doggies though! I am a huge dog lover, and being away from them both for the week really got me a little upset. I kept seeing labordoodle and Jack Russell's which made me think about my doggies even more!                                

The campsite we stayed on was lovely! The securities guards were a little bit rude, but apart from that, the site was amazing. We stayed at a site called Hourbune  Devon Bay, I do recommend this site, even if you do get woken up at 7 o'clock by the seagulls fighting on the roof.


                                                                     Hope you enjoyed!
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  1. although it looks cloudy, it looks so nice. hope you had a lovely break x