Friday, 29 August 2014

Blogging problems | Elizabeth Gayle

The other day, I came to the point of pulling my hair, because of my blog. While setting my blog up around a month and a half ago, I thought it would be easy. After being a official blogger for over a month, I can finally say, it is not easy at all.

I've been blogging for around a month and a half. At first it was easy and I enjoyed blogging a lot! After a couple weeks, when my followers started rising, it stopped being fun and as easy.

The reason why I am posting this is because I want to know if any other blogger suffers from this?

I have came to the point where I am getting a head ache after trying to take a picture of a foundation bottle for 2 hours. I get put on a downer after reading someone else blog because it is so much better than mine. I just don't know how to handle it?

If you have the same problems, please get in contact with me by commenting, tweeting me or you could send me a email.

                                                     How do you handle it?

                             Sorry for such a sad post, I just need a little bit of advice.

                                                                 Elizabeth x
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  1. Your blog is lovely babe. Try your best not to compare it to others. Keep going and after a couple of months you will develop your own style and niche. It gets easier but unfortunately blogging can be a bit difficult to get into to start off. Especially when you are well aware people are reading it xx

  2. I agree with Emily above. I know I compare mine a lot to others but lately I haven't had a lot of time to set up a blog post but it is fun seeing what others are doing. I look to see what themes other successful bloggers use for their backgrounds, what they use for buttons, etcetera to better my site. I just need time to apply all of what I have compiled. Great blog, thanks for following me back. Rachel xo

  3. I go through phases. My SD card has decided to stop working with my laptop so I have just lost hundreds of photos! So annoyed, but you have to find ways to work around it I guess


  4. Instead of comparing your blog to others, you could try picking a couple of things you like from someone else's blog to improve your own. I would stick to one area at a time. You've mentioned photography, you could spend say a month where, while you're reading others' posts, look at the things you like & dislike about their pics. If you look at what you like & dislike it makes it more subjective & gives you ideas as to how you might like your blog to evolve.

    It's also worth remembering that some people have been blogging for many years & that, whatever we are doing, we grow the most when we overcome something we find hard. The trick is to keep your cool & find the best solution for you. Hope that helps a little! Xx

  5. You'be got to just enjoy it! make sure you are note restricting your self to a time schedule just upload when you have inspiration, because then the posts are always better xox