Saturday, 2 August 2014

July Favourites | Elizabeth Gayle

                                   July Favourites

Good morning! Today I am going to be doing my July favourites post! Can you believe it is already August? I mean where has July gone? Where has the year gone? There is only 4 more months until Christmas! So that means there is only 144 days! * Starts singing jingle bells*
Anyway lets get on with my July favourites!




So this month I only have 3 beauty products. And they are all by the brand Rimmel London. If you have read my blog from the start, I am sure you know that Rimmel London is my favourite drug store brand, along with Maybelline.

The first product is the scandal eyes, rockin'curves mascara. I am quite fussy with my mascaras, I like mascaras that give your lashes length and thickness, but no clumps!
This mascara is amazing! I have been wearing this properly all month.
My second beauty product is my Rimmel London eye shadow quad. Number 018, Romantic cool.
I actually brought this eye shadow quad around 2 months ago,  but I have only started using it this
month. The colours of the eye shadows are so natural, which I love.
The eye shadows do have a little bit of shimmer, but only a little bit.
unfortunately there is no names for the eye shadows. so I cant tell which ones is use in order.

My third beauty product, everyone has properly heard about this product and used it. Can you guess? no? The Stay Matte Powder. Guys, I cant describe how much I love this powder. It just gives you such a matte look. 10 out of 10 for this product. I highly recommend it!
So now I have spoken about beauty, I am going to speak about my fashion favourites. I am totally loving playsuits and cute dresses! urghh! I cant get enough of them! They are just perfect for the summer time.
Alrighty, So now I am going to tell you my favourite bloggers at the moment!
1) Asia Jade
2) Olivia Mullhearn
They both have lovely blogs and they are both quite the same.
They are both fashion,beauty and lifestyle bloggers, I cant get enough of their blogs.
Also Asia Jade has a YouTube channel, So go check that out as well.
Click Here for Oliva Mullhern blog and Here for Asia Jade blog.
My favourite music of the month is-Rude by Magic
So there is my first favourites post! I hope you have a lovely month!
Make sure to comment down below! VV :)
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  1. I also love the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder! I've been using it for years and still haven't found a powder better than it!:) J xx

  2. Totally agree! I haven't found a powder better than the stay matte one either! x