Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Being Organised | Lifestyle post | Elizabeth Gayle

Hey bloggers!
Today I have another lifestyle post for you guys. If you follow me on Twitter you would of seen some tweets saying ' How do I stay organised' and all that kind of stuff. I am not really the most organised blogger, but I would love to be really organised! So after some of my blogger friends giving me tips and ideas on how to be organised with my life and my blog, I decided I am going to make timetables and charts, to help me through my blog and my life, and share it with you guys.

   The first thing I have done is written a load of blog post ideas down on a piece of paper. Normally with me,  the day I want to write a blog post, I always have to go on someone else's blog for blog post inspiration ideas. So instead, I have looked on google, I have gone and had a look at many of my favourite blogs, and then I have written all the ideas I have found, down my on paper.
I like to add colour and little doodles on my paper, as it brightens it up a little bit.
Also the brightness makes me want to read it more.
( Sorry for my bad hand writing and bad doodling)
I have written down posts ideas such as Fashion inspiration, Monthly favourites, My nails of the day etc. I also have separated each section by the type.
Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle
The second thing I have done to stay organised is written a time table.
I upload a post every other day, so this routine makes me have a little bit of ' me ' time as well.
It is funny because when I first started my blog, I was speaking to one of my blogger friends, Asia,
I was telling her how I was going to upload a post every day, and she told me that it can get quite pressuring. I personally didn't think it would get quite pressuring, but from last week, I realised that I was feeling pressured. That is why I blog every other day.
I feel that having a time table is a great way to stay organised!
I know what I am going to be uploading this time next week.
I have never been this organised before, and to be honest, it has really helped!
Again I have added colour and doodles on my paper.
Hopefully next week I am going to be getting a little notebook, as I think a notebook will be a lot better than pieces of paper.
I hope you have enjoyed this little lifestyle post, make sure to comment below and tell me what you think! How do you stay organised? How often do you blog?
Thanks for reading!
Elizabeth x


  1. Hello :)
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  2. Great post Elizabeth. I am a nightmare for staying organised too! I will try out the idea of a timetable to try to see everything in one place - great tip. Thanks H xx

    1. Haha! The timetable keeps my life in order! Thank you for the comment! x