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Rescue Oil Review | Elizabeth Gayle

                                   Rescue Oil Review

' Rescue oil is safe for all ages, during pregnancy and while lactating. Dermatologist approved clinically tested. Suitable for sensitive skin'

Rescue Oil is a inexpensive product used to reduce scars and stretch marks. This oil is a low priced version of Bio Oil, which is a higher end product. You could either apply the oil to your skin directly or you could even pour a few drops into your bath. I personally apply the oil directly to my skin as I find that my hair gets greasy while bathing in the bath with the oil.

I have been using Rescue Oil for my scars on my arm for a few months now, I have also recently started using the oil for my stretch marks around my hips and bum area as I have been gaining weight. * Not showing a picture as it is on my bum area *


As you can tell, all my previous scars have now faded away apart from the one scar, which is notice able on the first picture of my arm. My stretch marks are slowly fading, but unfortunately they are not fading as quick as my scars did. I personally think for a 40ml bottle which costs around £2.00 and also works! is amazing! This product is heaven in a bottle! I have very sensitive skin, and this oil has not effected my skin in a bad way at all! The texture of the oil is very thick but also is very runny. After rubbing the oil into your skin, you will forget that you have applied it onto your skin, as it goes straight into your paws. This oil is a specialist blend of natural oils, containing Vitamin E, Evening Primrose oil, Almond oil and Peach Kernal oil. I can honestly say that after using this oil for around 8 months, the bottle does say the truth!
I find that Rescue Oil works just as well as Bio Oil. I highly recommend this oil due to the fantastic effects and the amazing price. You could pick this oil up from a pharmacy or you could order it online for around £2-£3 pound.
Rescue Oil - Buy now!
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed reading this review.
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  1. Hello lovely! I couldn't find a way to reply to you on my blog so I've come over to your blog for a little snoop around, hehe. You're blog is the cutest. You've got a great layout too. I'll give you a follow on Bloglovin' now! :)

    Demi-Lee x

  2. This sounds pretty good.,I've got stretch marks around my thigh area, I use bio oil but it's just too pricey. Glad to hear there's a cheaper alternative out there! How often do you apply it?

    1. I apply it every morning and every night, such amazing product!