Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Avon Haul | Elizabeth Gayle

Finally! My Avon products have finally arrived! Silly me got the dates wrong, Oh well! At least they are finally here, so that means I can show you what products I have purchased from Avon.

For those who don't know what Avon is, It is a large beauty care company, which retail all sorts of beauty products such as, foundation, mascaras, nail polishes, lipsticks etc. Avon is a world wide company, they sell to over 140 countries, which I think is amazing!

I personally think that Avon is a amazing beauty company, The makeup is good quality and also the price is amazing! I feel like I have written a lot, so lets get on with this haul!
 The first two things I ordered was Gel Nail Varnish. I have never tried gel nail varnish before so I
    am looking forward to try these out. I brought one that is a orangey/reddish colour and the other
    one is a baby pink colour. They don't have any names/numbers, which sucks..

I ordered the Ideal Flawless foundation. This foundation was at such a good price, It was only £7, which I think is amazing! * The foundation does not look as orange as the picture shows*

The last two things I have ordered is a Extra Lasting mascara and a Mega Effect eyeliner. I can not find the eyeliner, I have lost it. sorry! But it does look like a good eyeliner! It was only around £3.



Hope you have enjoyed my 'first' haul post! Make sure to comment below telling me what you think

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