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My Empty products!

I haven't done one of these posts before on my blog. I have really wanted to do one but I thought it wouldn't be as good as you see them on YouTube. After thinking about what post I should do, I decided that I really want to a empties post. I find that a empties post/video gives your blog readers good ideas about the products. Obviously the products you mention in a empty products post is because you loved the product so you used it all up. Well that's my case anyway.
Lets get on with the 'Empty products' post. Hope you enjoy!


                                 My Empty Products


Lets start with makeup wise. If you know me, I don't really 'collect' all makeup products. I think having 3 foundations is plenty and around 5 mascaras is enough. I do enjoy trying out different products, but if it is anything like a foundation, powder,  or mascaras. I wait until one of them are empty, then I will go and explore new products.
Anything like Lipsticks and blushes, I do collect. That is because there is a huge different amounts of shades and colours. I mean come on, I would hate to have only 1 lipstick!

I have sadly ran out of my favourite foundation which is  the Rimmel London Match Perfection and also my Rimmel London  liquid Eyeliner. I love both of these products! They are amazing! I would highly recommend them both. Maybe I will do a review on the foundation one day?
My next empty products are my must have essentials, especially for the summer time.
These products are-
Batiste Dry Shampoo- Floral & Flirty Blush.
Garnier Mineral Invisible deodorant
I love these products! I always re-purchase them around twice a month.
Again, I highly recommend these products!
My next empty products are makeup, again. These are two of my mascaras.
One of them is the Super Lash by Seventeen, Personally this mascara is not the best mascara ever
as it did clump up, but apart from that, it was good.
And the second one is the Longer Lash by collection 2000.
This mascara was a good mascara, just not the 'best'
*Sorry for the dirt on the mascara tubes*
We all have way to many face washes, which means you are always changing your skin care routine.
and never being able to finish one of the products. Well after purchasing the Clean & cleaner daily wash, I have not stopped using it!
Every morning and every night! I love this face wash so much! When you next see this product in a store, make sure you go ahead and buy it!
Also I have been loving the Soap and Glory body mist! and sadly I have used it all up...again.
I have purchased this body mist twice before as I just love it!
On the front of the bottle it says
' A flirty floral fragrant body spray'
Personally I don't think it smells 'florally' I was very shocked after having my first sniff of this body mist. I find the smell is strong, but I do love it.
Also the scent lingers onto your clothes! which means you don't have to spray it on yourself all the time!
So that's it for this post!
I hope you have enjoyed, and I also hope that I have given you some ideas about some products.
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  1. Fab post! I'm glad you decided to publish it, I think 'Empties' posts work just as well as those on youtube :)

    Style Sunrise ☀