Friday, 25 July 2014

Update/Get to know me TAG

I decided last night that I didn't want to write a post for my blog today, this is because I have posted a post every single day since I started my blog. I thought maybe I should slow down and post around 4 times a week, and have a few days for myself. but for some reason, I really wanted to post today. After todays post, I am going to get a lot more organised with my blog. My picture quality will hopefully get better, I am going to work on my writing skills. and I am also going to schedule posts for my blog. So for now on, I will be posting every-
Sunday- Tuesday - Thursday and Saturday.
I am also going to be working with a lovely lady soon. We will  both be working on my blog and also her blog. so I will be busy with that and also I have a lot of guest posts I need to write, not forgetting I need to write up some more posts for when I go away for the week.
I also need 2 beauty/fashion/lifestyle bloggers to write me some posts for when I go away for the week, so I don't need to write 7 posts. Email me if you are interested-                                                    

I feel that I have wrote a lot of nonsense, so lets get on with this tag post.

1) Do you have a Youtube channel?
    Noo:( I would love to have one! It would be amazing! I could upload soo much stuff! Ahhh talking about it makes me want one even more!!! AHAJSKGSTYEUIOP..

2) Do you chew your pens and pencils?
    All the time haha! especially when I am writing down important stuff!

3) What do you drink with dinner?
     Orange juice

4)  What is your favourite food?
     For a meal- Burger and chips * I know, it's bad)
     For a snack- Smokey bacon crisps.

5) Last person you kissed/kissed you?
    That's a little bit nosey, ey!;)

6) What is your usual bedtime?
    I fall asleep early then wake up and stay awake till like 12

7) Are you lazy?

8) How many languages can you speak?
    2, I speak English and Welsh.

9)Do you believe in ghosts?
   Yeahh, I have a ghost living in my house, his name is Jack. Shout out to Jack the ghost!

10) Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees?
    I guess a swarm of bees? Because big bears can rip you up! but a swarm of bees can really sting.
    but could it kill you? I know wasps can. AHHH! My answer is a swarm of bees.

Oh my, After re-reading those questions, they are really random! Oooh well! I like random.
Hope you enjoyed it..

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  Make sure to leave a comment below telling me what would you rather be attacked by, a big bear or a swarm of bees? I got really stuck on this question, so comment below and tell me.
Also I TAG everyone who is reading this to do this TAG!

                                                                Hope you enjoyed!
                                                                       Elizabeth x

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