Sunday, 27 July 2014


                               LIEBSTER AWARD

RULES1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
2. Answer the set of questions they set you
3. Nominate 11 bloggers
Hey guys, So if you follow me on twitter then you must of seen one of my tweets sayings-
After relaxing for a while, I started to feel a lot better, and I decided I wanted to write a post.
after 5 minutes of thinking what post I do write, I got nominated by the lovely Mama Shay who also has a lovely blog called My Curves and Lashes., Go check it out!
Thank you so much for nominating me! Means a lot!
So after rambling for so long, lets get on and answer some questions!
 What inspired you to start your own blog?
The way people got to write about what they loved
the way people have relationships with other bloggers
What are you current favourite fashion trends?
My current favourite fashion trends are cute girly dresses.
Name three of your daily go-to makeup products.
Powder, Lip-gloss and Blusher
What's your favourite flavoured ice cream?
Strawberry, mmm
Link one of your favourite posts and why?
This is defiantly one of my favourites post! I really don't know why! I mean, I love her blog.
but this post is so detailed and her pictures are at a amazing standard!
What's the one beauty product you cannot live without?
Name one trend you think is/was over-rated.
Those jelly shoes! Uch! Cant stand them!
Name on of your favourite high-end and drugstore makeup brands.
Mac and Rimmel London.
Have you bought a product purely for the hype?
Yeah, The Baby lips. I do love them though!
Have you ever experienced 'blogger's block' and how did you overcome it?
What are you wearing right now?
My butterfly vest top and my pj's shorts!:)
So now I have answered my questions, here are my
Questions for Nominees
1) Have you had a previous blog before your current one?
2) What is your last tweet you posted on twitter?
3) Favourite high end makeup brand?
4) Favourite food?
5) Link your favourite blogs
6) Favourite clothing item?
7) Lipstick or Lip-gloss?
8) If there was a fire, what 3 things would you take with you?
9) Favourite clothing store?
10) What are you going to do with the rest of your day?
I hope my questions are not to hard. Thank you so much Shay for nominating me!
I have had so much fun answering these questions.
I Nominate...
Daniela Maria- Daniela Scribbles
Nickki Mauceri- Keeping Up With Coco
Katriona and Julie- katrionakinsandjuliekins
Claire Fearon- Fine and Dandy
Catherine Sarah- Catherine Sarah
Hope you guys enjoyed reading my Liebster awards!
Watch out for a post on Tuesday.
Elizabeth x


  1. I love your post thanks so much for this!! Sorry I have been so MIA for the past week! I've deleted my twitter account and the whole broken laptop business was making me aaaaah! Nevertheless, I have made you a post and will be sent tonight. Hit me up on Instagram to stay connected: @mamashayy < lol that nickname of mine! Xx


  2. Aw thank you Shanna! And aw it is okay! I will follow you on Instagram as soon as I get an account!
    Love Elizabeth x