Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Making your room look the part.


Hey sweeties.
Tonight after thinking what kind of post I should do, I decided that I wanted to twist some things up. My blog is actually a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle post, but for some reason, I haven't even done a lifestyle post yet. So tonight is the night! Make sure to leave a comment below telling me what you think and I also hope you enjoy!                                                                                                        
Small objects are a MUST in my room, anything small and pretty will always have a place in my room. For Christmas I received a Britany Spears perfume bottle, which also came with two little bottles. I couldn't resisted throwing them away! They were just so cute!
So my two little Britany bottles are now on my dressing table.
They give my dressing table a lovely sparkly look! Couldn't be any happier with them!
The other week, for my Art lesson, I had to do something colourful.
I research a load of stuff and then this idea came up, All I did was brought around 8 packs of crayons and glued them down to a canvas, and then melted them using the hair dryer.
Personally I don't think this project went to plan, but my teacher was really pleased with this.
You should defiantly click Here if you would like to check these kind of projects out.
I think this canvas really brightens my room up.
Here are a few more ideas.

Adding a piece of wood which says 'love 'totally brightens up the room! *Ps I have brought another Soap and glory spray* Also putting makeup brushes in a cute cup makes them stand out.

                                 So there you have it, My little ideas to brighten your room up.
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                                                                      Bye for now!
                                                                        Elizabeth x


  1. Omg that melted crayon canvas is such a good idea!! I'm definitely going to try that out soon haha :) J xx

  2. Yeah! It looks better when other people do it lol. Go type in google images, ' Melted crayons' they look so much better!x
    Thanks for the comment lovely x