Sunday, 20 July 2014

Makeup Routine.

I have another beauty post for you guys today, but today it is not a review, it is my makeup routine.
Before I apply my makeup I of course have my daily wash and apply  my skin products and all that kind of stuff. After my skin is all clean and moisturise, I then go ahead and apply my makeup.

My daily makeup
The first thing I apply is my Nivea tinted day cream, ( I have recently done a review on this product, check it out) As my Nivea tinted day cream is quite dark and thick, I apply my Match perfection foundation with the Nivea tinted day cream. This just makes the texture lighter and a little lighter, as the foundation is in the shade Ivory.

After applying my foundations, I go over my face with my Stay matte Powder. This just makes my face less shiny and gives me a Matte look.

I then apply some Rimmel London blusher, The shade I applied was Santa Rose. The blush just gives me a little bit more of a colour on my face.

After applying all my face products, I go ahead and apply a lip balm to my lips. The lip balm I used Today was a Baby Lips in the flavour Cherry Me, I think Baby lips are an amazing lip product as it  moisturises your lips, and also give a little bit of  colour.

So now all I have to do is apply my eye makeup. I am going to apply my Rimmel London eye shadows. The number of the collection of the eye shadow is 018. After doing my eye shadow, I like to add some eyeliner. I find that applying eyeliner makes your eyes stand out. I only did a basic line today. The eyeliner I used today is Miss Sporty, in the colour black.
After applying my eyeliner, the only product I need to use now is my mascara. The mascara I am using today is the Scandal Eyes, Rockin' Curves by Rimmel London.
I love this mascara, it doesn't make my lashes clump together or anything!
So that's my makeup routine for today.
Hope you enjoyed.
If you want a review on anything I mentioned, please comment below and say which product.
My Nivea tinted moisturising day cream review-
Hope you enjoyed!
Elizabeth x

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