Monday, 21 July 2014

Ipanema wish list (Flip Flops)

Hey guys,
As it is Summer, I thought that I needed to update my shoes. All I have in my wardrobe are boots and trainers, which are not the best shoes for summer. I am also going on holiday soon, so I defiantly need some new flip flops!

I found a website named Ipanema, which sell amazing looking flip flops. The quality of the flip flops look amazing! The heel on the flip flop are thick, which is brilliant as the heel will not wear down as quick as a thin heel. There are loads of different colours and patterns of flips flops on this amazing website! Also the price is a bargain! You can never go wrong with a bargain!

I have a collection of flip flops from this website that I like, but I am unsure which ones to buy.

My Ipanema wish list  (Flip Flops)


Those 4 flip flops are my favourite ones out of them all, and I think I will hopefully order them tonight.
Here are another 4 pair of flip flops that I am loving as well.
If you like any of the flip flops that I have mentioned make sure to find the number
of the flip flop you like, and click the link.
The website I mentioned is -
Hope you enjoyed my whish list!
Make sure you check the website out.
Comment below which flip flops is your favourite pair,
and also if you have a pair of these flip flops from the brand Ipanema, comment below and tell me
and the readers what you think about them?
Elizabeth x


  1. My absolute favorite is #3 and I also like the cute pattern of #5! :)

    1. They are my absolute favourite too! You should defiantly go check out their website! Such good quality flip flops for such a good price! There is so many choice of different pattern's as well!
      Thanks for the comment !:)

  2. I am absolutely going to order a pair tonight.