Sunday, 18 January 2015

2014 Beauty Favourites | Elizabeth Gayle

Hey, welcome back to my blog.

I know I may be a little bit late with this post, but its better now than never, right? Today I am going to be talking about my beauty favourites in 2014. It was actually very difficult to narrow it down to only a few products, but I have managed to do it, after thinking about it for a long time.


Lasting Finish foundation - Rimmel London - £6.99.
I brought this foundation mostly because of the hype I was hearing about it. I am super glad I picked it up though. such an amazing foundation. I have been using this foundation mostly towards the end of 2014, but I already loved it after using it for the first time. Such amazing coverage! I have to admit, it is a heavy texture, so if you don't like heavy textures, then I don't recommend this foundation. but other than that, I love it and is defiantly one of my 2014 favourites!


Stay Matte Primer - Rimmel London - £6.00
Okay, I am going to admit it, I never used to wear primers. I never believed that they would keep my makeup on for longer or control shines. but while shopping a few months ago, I decided to pick up this one primer as it was on a special order, and oh my days. I love it! It does keep my makeup on for loner, it does control my shininess and it also moisturises my skin very well!

Soft Colour Blush - Rimmel London - £3.99
Oh look, another rimmel London product. This blush is in the shade 050 Live Pink. and I absolutely love it! This blush is a very pink tone, you do have to be careful how much you apply onto your face, but if you do it carefully, it looks beautiful! As I am a strawberry blonde, this blush goes so well with my hair, as well as pink lipsticks! One of my favourite blushes my far!

Quad Eye Shadow - Rimmel London - £1 / pound land.
Did you know that Pound Land sell some good makeup products such as this quad eye shadow? I always have a quick look in Pound Land before I go to boots or Superdrug, just to see if they have any good brands on sale instead of buying products for the full price. Anyway, I adore this product, I am not really a big fan of eye shadow but when I want to give my makeup look a little more glam, I always reach out for this quad, Romantic Cool, 018. The colours are very natural, and also easy to apply. what else does a girl want from a eye shadow?
Ghost Perfume - £16.
This perfume is one of my favourites out of my whole collection! Such a basic smell but with a little twist. Vanilla, fruit and roses all mixed up in a bowl. I have been wearing this perfume for most of the year. This is my second bottle in actual fact, I adore it so much!

That's it for my beauty favourites! I hope you enjoyed todays post, make sure to comment down below on what you think and if you have tried any of these products! And also if you have a blog, please leave a link down below as I would like to start reading some new blogs. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin to keep up to data with my blog and also my daily life.

                                                        See you guys soon!
                                                              Elizabeth x


  1. Such a pretty blog Elizabeth.

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  2. Love that Rimmel palette! Would love to get my hands on it!

    1. Have a look in Poundland before going to Boots or Superdrug, They might have one for a better price:) x