Friday, 21 November 2014

Update | Elizabeth Gayle


Todays post is going to be a quick post, just updating you on everything as I have not been on my blog for a month! Firstly, the reason why I have not been posting on my blog is because I have just been needing a little break. Blogging is meant to me my hobby, and a couple of weeks ago it started to feel like my job.

Blogging started to stress me out, started to me make me really upset because I couldn't post for you guys because my stress level was super high! I started getting upset about the small little things.
such as not having the perfect layout or the perfect picture. Stuff like that really gets to me.

There have been other stuff going on in my life such as trying to decided what I want to do after I leave school, and trying to get ready for my January exams, not going to go into to much information as I will just bore you.

Anyway, the whole point in this post is to tell you that I am going to start blogging again! For now on I will be publishing a post every Sunday ( Apart from this post of course) Also,As you guys already know, Christmas is on its way! so I am thinking of doing a few Christmas themed posts, so what kind of posts would you like to see which is Christmas related?

I feel so happy as I am typing this post for my little space on the internet! Also, typing about Christmas has got me even more exited! Who else is exited?

        I hope to hear from you guys soon! Make sure to follow me on Twitter and bloglovin!
                                                                 Love Elizabeth x

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