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Ebay makeup brushes review | Elizabeth Gayle

Good morning.

Today I am going to be reviewing a set of makeup brushes I brought a few weeks ago from the wonderland of eBay. I was in desperate need of some new makeup brushes, but I couldn't afford to go all out and buy the expensive kind, I am just hoping I will receive some of the expensive makeup brushes for Christmas, Hint hint mummy.

I was scrolling through eBay and came across a set of 12 makeup brushes for the price of £10 pound.
The quality of the makeup brushes on the pictures looked amazing! You could see the texture and everything on the pictures. I was a little bit risky about ordering these makeup brushes, but I thought why not! you can only find out if they are good by buying them. So that's when I pressed the order button.      
Picture from the website

After two days, my makeup brushes arrived at my doorstep. The first thing I obviously did was
rush upstairs and experiment my new makeup brushes! The brushes came in this lovely black case which had a little pocket in the middle part, which I thought was perfect as I was in need of one.

Different type of brushes -
1x loose powder brush honey paint
1x Flat brush Foundation Brush multi-functional brush
1x Foundation Brush paste brush
1x Angled Contour Brush
1x angle eye shadow brush high light brush

 1x eye Smudge Brush Smudge Brush
 1x tapered shadow brush
 1x eyeliner brush Smudge Brush
 1x angled brow brush / Eye Liner Brush

 1x eyeliner brush
 1x mole paste brush
 1x SE cover rotary

At the start, the brushes were amazing! No hair was falling out, they were as soft as anything! They were brilliant! They were defiantly worth more than £10 pound!
They were so easy to apply my makeup, well apart from the foundation brush.
The foundation brush didn't go well with me, it was not blending my foundation. So what I would of done is apply my foundation to my face with the brush, then blend the foundation with the same brush, and then after that I would have to blend it with my finger just to give my face more of a flawless look instead of a clay look. A couple of weeks after, hairs were falling out, not many but to the point where I was starting to get fed up of having to try and get the hair of face. My powder brush handle had also broke. I am not 100 percent what happened, maybe I knocked it in xmy bag, or maybe the quality of the glue was not good enough. After a month or so, I am still in actual of fact using a few of these brushes, which are the angled contour brush, eye smudge brush and also the tapered shadow brush. All the other brushes I don't have used to as I don't normally wear the makeup that requires the brushes. These eBay brushes, are not terrible but also not amazing. If you are wanting a simple cheap set of brushes then I recommend them, but don't expect them to be like the real technique brushes or MAC brushes, they are no where near that quality!

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                                                          Love Elizabeth

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