Friday, 19 September 2014

Create the look | Elizabeth Gayle

Good morning guys,
Today I have such a exiting post for you! I figured out the other day that I hardly ever post fashion posts. Which I find quite funny as I wanted this blog to be a fashion based blog. So today, I decided to do a create a look post.

This outfit is super basic! The first clothing item I spotted was the blue top. I fell in love with it! Then when I was trying to chose a pair of bottoms for the top, I discovered these leggings.
The leggings are amazing, they make the outfit look the part.
I didn't want to go over board with the accessories as the leggings are quite detailed. but I thought a few basic dangly bracelet's wouldn't cause any harm. I also paired a pair of black pumps. 
                                                                    Blue shirt
                                                                   Black shoes

                        The whole outfit came to £36.99. All clothing items are from New look.

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  1. Lovely board of items. I just love cobalt blue. Have a good weekend! Rachel xo