Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Two products from Poundland.

Good morning lovely people.

Today I have another review for you guys! I am going to review two products which I brought from Poundland. The item's I brought are-
1) Pore Pow Wow- Face mask.
2)Argan Oil- Hair mask.

I brought these products around 2 months ago, so I am not sure if they will still have them in stock, but If you are interested in them, I will search them online and leave the links at the bottom.

The first product I am going to talk about is the Pore Pow Wow face mask.
The reason why I brought this item is because of the packaging. I think the packaging is so cute
and girly. You can never go wrong with a cute packaging! I am sure there is a load of girls who is a sucker for buying product's by what the packaging looks like. But  I also read what it said on the top, and it made the product sound perfect!
'Get fresh faced and fancy free with this pore refining wonder mask'  it
also said ' Skin perfection in a jar'
Yeah.. well it lied to me!

As soon as I got home, I applied this face mask to my face, After a few seconds each little part of my face started stinging really badly. And then suddenly my whole face was stinging! I was trying to rinse all the mask of my face because it felt like my face was on fire! but it wasn't coming of? So my mum had to help me wipe it of. This face mask broke me out! My face was stinging for around 3 days. It may be my sensitive skin reacting to the face mask. I really don't know, But to be honest, if you have sensitive skin, please do not give this face mask a try.

The second product I purchased is the Argan Oil hair mask. This product is completely different to the Pore Pow Wow face mask! I brought this product because of how expensive the packaging looked! ( again, I really need to stop judging products by the packaging)


    After having a shower the few days after purchasing this product, I towelled dried my hair and
   then applied the hair mask on my hair, I started from my roots to the end. I waited 10 minutes and then rinsed the mask out. After rinsing the mask out of my hair, my hair felt really soft! Amazingly soft! I couldn't believe it!, For such a cheap hair mask, it has done a incredible job!
It also made my hair a lot thinner, which I didn't mind at all!
I love this hair mask, it is one of my favourites! When I tell people about my £1 bargain hair mask, they were all surprised! I recommend this hair mask to everyone!

I have tried to find the cheapest argan oil hair mask, Click Here to view it.

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                                                        Hope you enjoyed!
                                                       Love Elizabeth x



  1. I use the argan oil hair mask as well :) I also use it as a shaving foam (sounds weird but trust me it makes your legs super soft!!) xx