Tuesday, 22 July 2014

♥My summer outfit♥

Here in the UK, the weather has been lovely. We don't usually get this kind of weather. Sunny days automatically makes me happy and cheerful. As soon as I woke up this morning, the sun was shining! I knew I wanted to do a outfit post, but today I decided to take a little walk down a field to a lovely place. I went with my sister, Imogen. and our two dogs. I hope you enjoy this post, make sure you comment below!:)

First of all, this is the place where me, my sister and our two dogs went too. It is such a lovely place! We have so many childhood memorise here. We properly went down here every day in the summer holidays when we were like 7 years old. We always used to have water fights and all that kind of stuff. Going there today brought so many memories back.

We also brought our two dogs with us. They both love the water, we thought it would be grate fun for them to go and have splash in the water, as well as us. P.s We only tied their leads to the fence while we were taking a few pictures which only took a few minutes.
Lets get on with the outfit, My favourite part!
As you could tell I was boiling! That is why I was stood in the water. So my outfit is really basic but summery at the same time.
I am wearing a crop top from Primark, I got this top around 2 years ago for only a few pounds.
My shorts are from America. I don't know the store sorry.
 I only recently got my shoes a couple of weeks ago, They were £15 from Dorothy Perkins.
Those shoes are my must haves for summer! I haven't stopped wearing them since I have had them! My bow ring, I got that as a Christmas present from my Nan, And my big butterfly ring is from New look. I brought my butterfly ring for my birthday party, it was so cheap. around £3.



Me and my sister had so much fun going down to this beautiful place with our two dogs. I also had so much fun editing this post. Thank you to my sister Imogen for taking pictures for me!:)

    I put so much effort into this post so I really hope you enjoy it! Comment below what you have been getting up to in these sunny days! and tell me about your summer outfits.

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                                                                             Elizabeth ♥




  1. Your dogs are so cute haha! And I really like the sandals you were wearing :)


  2. Aww, They say thank-you;) and yeah the sandals are amazing! They look good and the quality is amazing! xx