Sunday, 28 September 2014

Fblbloggers Unite Information.


   Todays post is going to be different from my other kinds of post, but I have really exiting news!
   Me and one of my blogger friends named Emily over at Emilybelleblogs, have been working
   on a exiting project, which is a blog!

The blog is called FblBloggers Unite, and is going to be based around fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
                       The amazing part about this blog is that you guys are the writers!


The reason behind this blog is because we think that there are so many bloggers out there which deserve so much more! What I mean by they deserve so much more is more followers, a larger group of audience etc.

If you want more information about the FblBloggers Unite, please head over to the blog as there is so much more information on there such as - How to write a post on the blog and there is also a little bit of information about me and Emily.

                                                        Hopefully we will see you soon!
                                                                         Elizabeth x
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  1. Great idea girls! I'll take a look at the blog :)

    1. Thank you Megan! Lets just hope it goes well!