Monday, 25 August 2014

Update | Elizabeth Gayle

As you all know, Summer is coming to a end. Well to be honest, it already feels like summer has ended!*cry's* Most of us are going back to school, collage or work which is not fun at all! Unfortunately as I am going back to my final year at school, it means that I wont be able to update my blog daily. Sadly I have created a schedule for my blog. Which I didn't want to, but I needed to so I could keep on top of my school work as well as my blog and also my private time.

                                          Blog Schedule

                                                                    Tuesday- Beauty
                                                                    Friday- Fashion
                                                                    Sunday- Lifestyle

I have also decided that when I have half terms/Christmas holidays, that I will be posting every day for the whole half term. This will just make up for all the times I have not blogged.

                                                     Come back tomorrow for my next post!
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                                                                              Bye for now
                                                                               Elizabeth x

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